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We Help Families and Individuals Grow and Keep Wealth

However you have gotten to where you are or wherever you want to go from here, we customize your personalized financial plan to suit your personality and lifestyle. For some, that means protecting their net worth; for others, it means seeking high investment returns that carry invigorating risk/reward ratios. For every client of Bunker Wealth, it is a dedication to your economic comfort and satisfaction. Our Silicon Valley and SF Bay Area clients often come from one of these circumstances:


Thanks to the extraordinary real estate values and thriving residential and commercial real estate market in Northern California, Bunker Wealth works with many people who have accrued high net worth thanks to investments in Silicon Valley real estate.

In addition to managing the wealth of clients, Bunker Wealth enjoys affiliation with a Realty Corporation that specializes in Bay Area residential and commercial real estate as well as a Property Management company that can help manage every aspect of income properties.


Bunker Wealth works with clients in the heart of Silicon Valley, so a considerable portion of our clients work in high technology, Ai, hardware and biotech industries. We advise these clients on a wide range of financial topics, including maximizing after-tax proceeds of equity compensation including stock options, restricted stock, restricted stock units (RSUs) as well as employee stock purchase plans (ESPP).

We also advise clients on concentrated stock positions and navigating restrictions on public-company insiders. Finally, we help clients get the most from their 401(k) plans, deferred compensation plans and other employee benefits that are exceptionally lucrative in the Silicon Valley’s hi tech industries


IT services, physicians, dentists, attorneys, psychologists, marketing consultants, and executive recruiters often have ownership interests in their practices – from being sole proprietors to being participants in a partnership group, with substantial portions of their personal assets held in illiquid entities. Tax complexities and intricacies surrounding their business ownership can significantly impact their overall financial picture in both the short and long term. At Bunker Wealth, we help professional clients focus on managing cash flow, building spending plans, and putting assets to work growing protected long term wealth in preparation for selling their practice or exiting to retirement.


Thanks to continued advances in medicine and modern living conditions, we are leading increasingly long and healthy lives. Retirement periods of 20 or more years are becoming more and more common. Given these truths, retirees want to know that they will have sufficient resources to meet their evolving needs. Bunker Wealth provides advice on managing the intersection of current spending, investment performance, and planned giving so you can enjoy worry-free years of hard-earned retirement doing the things you love.


Business owners often have significant net worth built up in their businesses, which can present a risk that calls for financial diversification. They also have significant discretion in the operation of their businesses and the management of both liquid and illiquid assets as well as their cash flow. We help business owners develop strategic financial plans to address these issues and assist with implementation of that strategic financial plan, including establishing qualified retirement plans and guiding the business owner towards that goal.

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  • Our Client Commitment

    Bunker Wealth is committed to investing our client’s money into long term low-risk investments. Our responsibility lies not only in our client’s money, but our own money as well. Your success is our success. We put our money where our mouth is. If we invest in any stock, real estate, business, or start-up it’s our money that is on the line. We are committed to following trends, seeking multiple sources of creditable information for executing trades or business deals. We are committed to ethics and mutually beneficial business relationship building.

  • Our Passion

    Our passion is not only about making money, but don’t get me wrong we are passionate about it. If life was always about making money it would take the fun right out of it. It’s our passion to help people start and scale their small businesses to better support their community around them. We invest in environmentally safe businesses that support diversity.

  • Our Experience

    Our experience has shown us that there is no get rich quick scheme out there that works. We have seen every business walk through our doors at the Silicon Valley Business Center and we can tell you which ones survive and which ones thrive. Real Estate development and property management business models for residential and commercial property investments is our primary experience.