Financial Planning

Planning for Financial Growth and Stability

At Bunker Wealth, our financial planning process is like having a conversation with a trusted friend.

When you catch up with someone you haven’t seen for a while, you start by talking about the past. What have you achieved in your life so far? How have your experiences led you to this point?

The way we see it, we first need to understand who you are and what you want to accomplish in life before we can go to work on your finances. This conversation is just the beginning of our financial planning process and what we hope will be a rewarding lifelong relationship. By understanding your past, we can better prepare you for your financial future.

Choosing the right tools and services to meet your unique financial needs and matching your investment strategy to your goals and values is the foundation for that future. Each of us will confront major life transitions and those transitions have economic implications more often than not. As financial advisors, we’re sensitive to the fact that personal circumstances can influence your relationship with money over time.

All of the information you share with us contributes to a deeply customized financial plan. Our financial planning process is designed to emulate the dragonfly’s attributes. Financial planning is a very dynamic and personal journey and must adapt to changes in one’s personal life and the global financial landscape. Creating a responsive financial plan that is diligently monitored, adjusted, and maintained as your life changes has the power to significantly alter your trajectory.

Discipline and commitment to your financial plan can mean the difference between getting by and thriving. We provide objective advice, education, and oversight so you can rest assured that you’ve done what you can to make sound financial decisions. More importantly, we help you define what matters most to you, and then we help you adapt to the inevitable circumstances of life’s progress.

Our financial planning services cover every aspect of your financial life, so schedule time with us today to start your journey towards financial success.


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  • Our Client Commitment

    Bunker Wealth is committed to investing our client’s money into long term low-risk investments. Our responsibility lies not only in our client’s money, but our own money as well. Your success is our success. We put our money where our mouth is. If we invest in any stock, real estate, business, or start-up it’s our money that is on the line. We are committed to following trends, seeking multiple sources of creditable information for executing trades or business deals. We are committed to ethics and mutually beneficial business relationship building.

  • Our Passion

    Our passion is not only about making money, but don’t get me wrong we are passionate about it. If life was always about making money it would take the fun right out of it. It’s our passion to help people start and scale their small businesses to better support their community around them. We invest in environmentally safe businesses that support diversity.

  • Our Experience

    Our experience has shown us that there is no get rich quick scheme out there that works. We have seen every business walk through our doors at the Silicon Valley Business Center and we can tell you which ones survive and which ones thrive. Real Estate development and property management business models for residential and commercial property investments is our primary experience.