Comprehensive Wealth Management

Bunker Wealth Management’s Comprehensive Approach to Your Financial Success

There is great satisfaction in financial success. Unfortunately, many people do not know where to begin, or where and how to invest in order to both grow initial wealth and then to sustain it for the long run after wealth has been grown. As a small, dedicated firm, Bunker Wealth’s broad expertise in investing as well as our unique blend of proven, diverse business success allows us to offer a comprehensive, multidisciplinary approach to managing your complete personal financial environment.


We take a high-level, comprehensive view of your entire current net worth and explore your short and long term goals and objectives. We then craft a realistic and detailed financial plan, cash flow projections, a spending and savings plan, and account structure recommendations based on where you are today and where you want to go in the future. Throughout the course of year, we provide ongoing net worth statements along with financial plan tracking to help you maintain a clear understanding of your financial health.


Your personalized investment plan is integrated with your overall financial plan and matched by balancing a combination of your time horizon along with your comfort level with investment risk. We then create a strategy to help us manage your investments and guide you in evaluating our performance.


In order to protect your assets and minimize your risk, we provide insurance review and recommendations for liability, property, health, life, and disability insurance. We offer broker referrals and introductions to insurance providers who we know and trust. We look at risk both from an insurance perspective as well as in the sense of protecting your overall asset base, considering worst-case scenarios to make sure you’re not exposed.


Our services include reviews and investment recommendations for 401(k), 403(b), deferred compensation, IRA, Roth, and other retirement accounts, as well as health savings accounts, 529 college savings plans and charitable accounts.

The Bunker Wealth Process

The leadership and team at Bunker Wealth has spent decades making a name for ourselves in the financial, business, real estate and investment worlds – all backed by an obsessive focus on customer satisfaction and trust. In short, we care about your financial success like it is our own – because, in a very real sense, our successes are intimately tied together. What do our standards look like on the inside? The answer is threefold:

  • First: we place a priority on earning your trust through communication and transparency.
  • Second: we provide conflict-free advice so there’s a refreshing absence of pressure.
  • Finally: we begin each professional financial relationship with a set of objectives that are founded on your own goals and values. The simple truth is, we long ago discovered a direct correlation between communication coupled with clear, concise goals and the long-term success of our clients.

The process for getting started begins with a snapshot of your goals and current financial state. After this initial phase, we present you with a current net worth statement and an in-depth strategic financial and investment plan. Our ongoing service promise ensures continual reviewing, tracking, and planning. We schedule regular meetings with you to review goals and objectives, and we welcome emails, phone calls or additional in-person consultations at any time throughout the year.

Bunker Wealth Management’s Investment Philosophy

Our approach to investing has a basis in over 50 years of research, several Nobel prizes, and decades of successful use among institutional investors. The key ideas behind our investment process are:

  • Asset allocation is the primary determinant of a broadly diversified portfolio’s performance.
  • Market timing and individual security selection are far less important in determining performance.
  • Portfolio return is related to risk. Generally, the more risk, the greater the return.
  • Diversification is essential. Investors are not compensated for the additional risk of concentrated investments.
  • Passive, not active, management is preferred.
  • Reducing expenses and minimizing taxes increases net return.
  • Rebalancing maintains portfolio structure and risk level.
  • Asset location is powerful in reducing taxes.
  • Alternative investments can increase return while reducing risk.

Fees and Minimums

Financial Planning will generally be offered on a fixed fee basis. In special circumstances, it may be offered on an hourly basis at a rate of $100 to $350 per hour, depending on the nature of the specified services. Fixed fees will be determined on a case-by-case basis with the fee based on the complexity of the situation and the needs of the client. The fixed fee will be agreed upon before the start of any work. The fixed fee can range between $250 – $10,000. The fee is negotiable. If a fixed fee program is chosen, half of the fee is due at the beginning of process and the remainder is due at completion of work, however, BWM LLC will not bill an amount above $500 more than 6 months in advance.

In most cases, the initial financial planning and setup fee ranges from $3,000 to $5,000; however, it can vary based on complexity. Our minimum annual fee is $10,000. For additional information on our qualifications, services and fees, please review our Form ADV Part 2A&B disclosure document.

Decades of Experience

A Proven Track Record Of Success

Meet our team
  • Our Client Commitment

    Bunker Wealth is committed to investing our client’s money into long term low-risk investments. Our responsibility lies not only in our client’s money, but our own money as well. Your success is our success. We put our money where our mouth is. If we invest in any stock, real estate, business, or start-up it’s our money that is on the line. We are committed to following trends, seeking multiple sources of creditable information for executing trades or business deals. We are committed to ethics and mutually beneficial business relationship building.

  • Our Passion

    Our passion is not only about making money, but don’t get me wrong we are passionate about it. If life was always about making money it would take the fun right out of it. It’s our passion to help people start and scale their small businesses to better support their community around them. We invest in environmentally safe businesses that support diversity.

  • Our Experience

    Our experience has shown us that there is no get rich quick scheme out there that works. We have seen every business walk through our doors at the Silicon Valley Business Center and we can tell you which ones survive and which ones thrive. Real Estate development and property management business models for residential and commercial property investments is our primary experience.