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Real Estate Development, Recreation, Restaurant, Bar, Hospitality, and mixed use.

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Business Center local/remote work space for the future.

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Diversified and dynamic investment management. Having your money invested with us is a low-risk endeavor.  Our goal is to apply our analytics and investment community to guide the decisions as a whole with the fund managers. We offer different levels of investment management. These include Real Estate (REITs), stocks, ETFs, bonds, precious metals, currencies, technology, energy, and other exchanges like the NYSE. It is our interest to invest in environmentally friendly companies that also support cultural diversity and non-discriminatory behaviors.

Silicon Valley Business Center

Flexible Co-working Space

Silicon Valley Executive Investors Inc. owns the Silicon Valley Business Center and the Silicon Valley Property Management Company. Expanding both the business center locations to better serve small communities and property management into new territories is own main focus for our goals in 2020. Our key performance indicators are our percentage return on investment for our stock investments and a return on investment for real estate within 5 years. For start-up investment deals we only invest in small companies who have a proven track record of growing sales and need to expand. We invest not only money but a scalable workspace.

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